To feature in the 'Top 100s' of Clash of Clans is every begginer's aspiration. And village base designing is very important.

Identifying your villageEdit

Village designs are a 'core' part of a successful player. A strategically planned village ensures that trophies and resources aren't lost easily.

General village types-

Villages are generally divided into three categories-


A defense village. The town hall is highly protected. Even the resources are protected to some extent, but not really.

1) Defense village- In the defense village, the town hall is protected with walls and defensive buildings such as mortars, archer towers and wizard towers etc. In higher levels, these are replaced by hidden teslas, inferno towers or X-bows.


A farming village. As you can see, the Town hall is unprotected whereas, defense buildings have been placed in such a way as to protect enemies from pillaging resources.

 2) Farming village- During loss of resources, you can protect your resources by luring the attacker to an unprotected town hall. This might not work in certain situations, but it usually ensures your resources are protected.


A hybrid base. Both the town hall and resources are centralized and protected by defense buildings.

3)Hybrid village- The hybrid village is the a blend of a farming and defense village. Most body of opinions say that it is the best village to try out and it is highly recommended to ensure protection of resources and the town hall.

To rememberEdit

1) When planning your village, do not include buildings or walls as replacements for walls. This because, trops can 'spawn' over them and get inside.

2) Do not position your village in thhe corners to use them as walls. Troops can enter through the edges.

3) While arranging walls, remember that if your buildings are too far way from the walls, attackes can place their troops inside the walls.

4) Centralize mortars and important defense buildings such as inferno towers, along with town halls, to prevent loss of trophies.

5) Resources should be placed in the second-innermost layer to preven pillaging.

6) The outermost layers should consist of archer towers, wizard towers and cannons.

7) Hidden teslas and traps should be placed wisely.

8) Unnecessary buildings should be placed outside walls. Some examples of unnecessary buildings are army camps, barracks etc.

9) Use a spiral or pocket design for your village. This strengthens the defense.